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  • 1. Is the paint toxic?

    The tree is printed using the latest in safe ink technology. The special latex printer uses water-based inks that are odourless and non-toxic. Not only is the material safe for your children it is safe for the environment too.

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  • 2. How do I remove my tree?

    Remove the decorations and clips and slowly and gently peel down from the top. If you wish to reposition your tree you can roll the tree down on itself. Although it sticks to itself it will not damage it in any way and you can then simply roll it back up on another wall.

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  • 3. Will they leave a mark?

    No residue or sticky walls will be left behind after removal.  Please ensure you slowly peel back the wallpaper from the wall, as ripping may cause brittle or freshly painted walls to flake.  If you have recently painted your wall please ensure you give it ample time to cure before applying your tree.

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  • 4. Can Treekandi be reapplied?

    The special wallpaper can be re-positioned, removed and re-applied to your walls over and over again. The adhesive properties of our wallpaper remain constant and offer continued easy installation and removal.

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  • 5. What about bubbles?

    Treekandi's unique removable sub-state is made from a fabric material. This allows the wallpaper to breathe and bubbles will simply disappear by rubbing your hand over the affected area. In the event a bubble returns, simply lift the wallpaper and smooth over again firmly with your hand.

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  • 6. How long should I wait to hang decorations after the clips have been attached?

    When you apply the adhesive clips it is imperative that you wait the hour before hanging anything off them. The glue needs to set. I have put in an extra packet of clips to make sure you have plenty should you have any problems.

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  1. Rose


    Just wondering if tree kandi is reusable for the following Christmas season?

    Will the adhesive remain stiky enough for several uses or will I have to put an adhesive behind the canvas over time?

    Thank you.

  2. Author

    Hi there Rose,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Yes! You can use the tree many times as long as it doesn’t come in contact with dust or hair.

    Feel free to conact me again with any other questions.
    Kind regards

  3. Nikki

    Hi Melissa

    Are all the clips self-adhesive or do you have to glue them to the tree (and if so, does this damage the wall or wallpaper tree at all?) Bit confused as they are listed as clips and glue (Weldbond – as listed on the HardtoFind site?)

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Author

    Hello Nikki,

    Not sure if you received a reply to the above question. In case you didn’t…

    The clips are glued on using Weldbond. When you remove the tree from the wall after Christmas you roll the sticky side of the tree down in a roll and this is when some of the clips come off. Next year you just order another set of clips and glue for $10. In some cases the clips stay where they are in which case all is well! You have four extra clips should you have any problems.
    Kind regards and Merry Christmas!

  5. Renee

    Hi there,
    It his will be my 3rd Xmas with my tree and it keeps on falling down. The sticky isn’t so sticky anymore. Is there a way to fix this.
    I’m very disappointed it only lasted 2 seasons.


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