Please read the installation instructions carefully before you install your tree.
Download the installation instructions.

Package contents

  • 1 x A4 test sample
  • 1 x removable wallpaper tree
  • 1 x set of lights
  • 3 x AA batteries
  • 40 x adhesive wall clips
  • 12 x baubles with string
  • 1 x star


Although Treekandi trees have been tested on a variety of painted surfaces, we require you to use the Test Sample on an inconspicuous part of the wall where you intend to put the tree. Leave for 24 hours and then slowly peel off the test sample to make sure it does not damage the paint. DO NOT use on cracked, peeling or porous chalky paints. If the wall is not sound do not put the tree there.

Install your tree

1) Remove the tree from the box and unroll it. After you have tried the test sample to confirm the application of the tree to the wall will not damage the wall (as instructed above), peel the first 15 cm from the top of the tree and stick to the wall, remembering the tree is 2 m high (don’t worry the product can be repositioned many times without compromising the stick). Stand back and check it is straight. Continue slowly peeling away the backing, smoothing down the tree as you go – air bubbles can be smoothed away with your hand.

2) Remove the clips from their box. Assemble these according to the packet instructions. These are used to hang the decorations and lights. There are nine clips for the lights and twelve for the baubles. There are plenty of spare clips should you need them. Using the visual provided as a guide, adhere the clips to the tree, starting with the clips for the lights. The clips for the baubles can be placed wherever you like (matching the picture provided or freestyle).

IMPORTANT: WAIT at least ONE HOUR before you put any lights or baubles on the clips. The glue needs to set.

3) While you wait for the glue to dry make the baubles. Peel off the protective coating. Take an elastic string and poke the unknotted end through the bauble, then feed the knotted end through the loop and pull to tighten (refer to the visual provided).

4) Take one of the spare pieces of double-sided tape from the adhesive wall clips pack and stick it to the back of the star. Peel off the other side and stick the star to the top of the tree. Press firmly.

5) Starting at the top and working down, gently place the lights over the hooks in zigzag style. Hold each hook in place as you pull the lights taught. Too much tension will cause the clip to come unstuck. Insert the batteries into the battery pack.

6) Finally, hang the baubles. Voila! you have a beautiful tree. Stand back and admire. Good job!

If you have any questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Remove your tree

When the time comes to remove your tree, firstly take down the lights and baubles. Then remove the clips by gently pulling on the tab in a downward motion. Carefully peel from the top of the tree downwards, forming a roll as you go. Keep rolling down the wall slowly and evenly. When you get to the bottom gently roll away from the wall. Lay out your backing.  Restick the tree to the shinier side. Once on the backing roll it back so it looks like it did when you received it. There will be overlapping edges but as long as you keep the tree away from dust and fluff it will be fine. Put it back in its box, close it and put away until next year, storing in a dry dust free place.

You can, if you wish, roll the tree back up on another wall. Or thoughtfully dispose of your tree.

Thank you very much for your Treekandi purchase.